fastfinge (fastfinge) wrote in freereads,

Agent to the Stars

This one is, yet again, the fault of the indirect and yet terrible, all-inclusive and inescapable influence of BoingBoing. Forget some American corporation running the internet, BoingBoing is secretly behind it all, in some huge and well planned publicity stunt. It seems to be working for them, I guess. I for one would like to welcome our new EFF member Creative Commons wielding authorial overlords.

Anyway, a few days ago, an entry was posted by one of our overlords discussing _the ghost brigades_. This lead, in no short order, to me picking up _old man's war_. This then lead me to John Scalzi's website, seeing as how he was the author of both books. That lead me to his free online book, Agent to the stars. Well, not free, shareware. You can read the entire thing online and pay if you like it. Anyway, I haven't read it yet, but if it's anywhere near as scrumptious and absolutely wonderful as is _Old Man's War_, then you should go read it right now.
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