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slightly off topic: fictionpress broke everything!

Why, why, oh why? I've been going through the community archives, only to discover that fictionpress has, for reasons unknown, decided to change the link format, and leave no redirect or anything. How can we fix all these links and/or find all the old stuff we had linked? I will be sending fictionpress a strongly worded, angry note. Breaking links without notice is *bad* and should *not* be done by any responsible website unless they've had a disc crash or something (and they haven't). I would suggest you all do the same; please ask them to either bring back the old link format, or have it redirect to wherever all the old stories have been moved. The stuff still exists, but they have decided to arbitrarily change the link format. Can we take these people to court for the damage that has been done to our bookmark folders or something? If you can't tell, I am _extremely_ pissed off. Unless we all go through rewriting links, over half of this communities archives have been rendered useless at one stroke. If you're an author, please get the heck off fictionpress! This kind of treatment of the community (and thus your readers) is unacceptable. I will not be linking to any further fictionpress publications until they demonstrate that they are a responsible hosting website by bringing back the old links and/or creating redirects.
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