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freeebooks on ma.gnolia

As we've probably all noticed, this community hardly gets any updates. I suspect the reason for this is that, well, updates in livejournal are...not hard, but not all that easy, either. When we see a new ebook, we've got to log in, think of something to write about the link, format the link in html, and post it. That's a bunch of work; I'll even admit to not posting links to this community because of it. In order to try and get an active ebook community, I've just created freeebooks on ma.gnolia (ma.gnolia is a bookmark manager like To participate, you don't even need to create an account! Just enter your livejournal (like where it says "sign in with openid". Get yourself set up, and then join the community! Now, whenever you see an ebook, all you need to do is use the ma.gnolia bookmarklet to post it to the group. If you do read something, though, and have a lot to say about it (like a review), freereads is still handy. You can even get updates from the freeebooks group on your lj friends page; just friend lj user freeebooksfeed. I hope this will result in a once more active community of free reading fans; we're missing a lot of good stuff as a community. I will be adding the links from this communities archives over the next few days.
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