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free online novels

Real spacific, huh? Sorry, but it's the best I could do; I just discovered this huge list of free online novels. Most of the stuff in this list hasn't been linked here at all. I haven't read any of it, just done some random link checking to make sure the website delivers what it promises.

Oh, and because vaguely off topic links are so much fun, have a link to atiz, makers of the BookDrive, an automatic page turning book scanner. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it's priced way out of reach of your general warez scanner; if you want one of these, get ready to make your pocketbook thinner by the amount of $35000. This is, like, the ultimate USB gizmo. (link via gizmodo, via i4u.

While I'm at it, you know what would be wonderful? I really, really wish we could de-spam the word ebook. I do not want to know about marketing opportunities that allow me to work from my home making money on ebay by selling three free reports to all my friends and family with no money down just $50 free! In fact, if you continue to tell me about them, I will eat your babies.
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