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my job book 1

This is a complete rip off of confessions of an adult video clerk, or what ever that thing was called that was posted a couple months back. Look it up yourself, I'm not your friendly BN employee. But the author of this is...well, she works at Barnes & Noble anyway. The crap anyone in retail gets is just staggering. I always find these accounts both funny, and extremely depressing at the same time. A quote from a Robert Heinlein book comes to mind:

Jubal Harshaw also pointed out to me a symptom that, so he says, invariably precedes the collapse of a culture; a decline in good manners, in common courtesy, in a decent respect for the rights of other people.

"Political philosophers from Confucius to the present day have repeatedly pointed this out. But the first signs of this fatal symptom may be hard to spot. Does it really matter when a honorific is omitted? Or when a junior calls a senior by his first name, uninvited? Such loosening of protocol may be hard to evaluate. But there is one unmistakable sign of the collapse of good manners: dirty public washrooms."

Cool points if you can guess the book. (quote reprinted under fair use)
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